Abner & the Three Kings

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Abner & The Three Kings

Biblical facts, supplemented with Conjectures

Andrew Longman

"It was the time of the Judges. The Israelites occupied the lands Yahweh had promised them when they left Egypt; a land flowing with milk and honey. 
Israel was little more than a loose confederation of the twelve tribes and not all shared the vision of national unity. They really needed a cohesive force to bring them together. Faith in Yahweh should have been that force, however, they opted to desire a human king with all the additional problems that brought. 
This is the story of one man, caught up in the battles - and political intrigue - that ensued: Abner, son of Ner."

This work, written and published by Andrew Longman, is written in the style of a story, with scripture quoted throughout.
"Where scripture speaks, I am content to let it speak. Where it is silent, I have taken the liberty of filling in the gaps. So this account is a combination of Scripture and my own imaginings."