Light Magazine

Light on a New World is a magazine highlighting Bible teaching about the Gospel message.  Additionally there are a number of special issues which are free of charge on request or by download from  

Below is an overview of the special editions.

1 - Who are the Christadelphians? 

This issue informs the reader who the Christadelphians are and what the name means. It details what we believe the Bible message is, and what hope it gives us in this chaotic world.  It also outlines what the Bible says about the way of life, prescribed by God in the Bible.

2 - Light on the Bible 

This issue examines Bible authenticity, what the Bible is, how it was written and how the original texts became available in English. It shows how archaeological discoveries in the Middle East support the Bible narrative. Included is guidance on how to read the Bible for yourself and the relevance of its message for today. 

3 - Light on Bible Prophecy 

deals with what Bible prophecy is and who the prophets were.  It examines specific prophecies, some of which have been fulfilled and some remain unfulfilled. These relate to empires in the past including Persia, Greece and Rome.  The divinely appointed coming world conflict is also examined in brief and what this will mean to individuals personally.

4 - Light on Jesus Christ 

looks at Bible teaching about Jesus Christ. It includes topics such as his role in God’s plan, Old Testament prophecies about his first advent, his life and ministry, death and resurrection. His imminent return to the earth is also examined, plus much more.

5 - Light on the Gospel 

examines the Bible’s consistent message across Old and New Testaments.  It includes an outline of what the Gospel is and how it can vitally affect the lives of individuals.


6 - Light on Creation 

Creation is a key Bible topic. Belief in this essential aspect of Bible teaching is the subject of the first article, followed by God’s role in creation. This is followed by a short examination of the erroneous theory of evolution. It concludes with an explanation of how man is made in God’s image and God’s purpose in Creation.

7 - Light on Israel 

reviews how the Jewish nation came into being, how they became the focus of God’s plan for mankind and their miraculous survival as a distinct people. It looks at their re-establishment in the land of Israel as a nation and what the Bible says the future holds for them.

8 - The last great chapter of the human story 

deals with God’s plan for the world as the central theme of the Bible narrative. It covers the culmination of that plan in the future Kingdom of God on earth, how we will be affected by it, and how we can be part of it.