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We’re the Dawn Christadelphians, a Christian fellowship that believes the same message as the first followers of Jesus.

the1way website has been established to preach the Gospel message. Part of their work is to live stream and pre-record talks. 

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“…what does the Bible say?”


The answers provide everything which is at the root of true Christian faith — and ours.

The background of the Christadelphians and even the origins of our name are sourced from Bible teaching.

Jesus describes his followers as his brothers in the New Testament.

In fact, the New Testament also says that the work of Jesus Christ is the only thing that lets humans have a future beyond the current trouble in this world. We believe this.

This means it is crucial for us to follow the teaching of God and Jesus Christ in its entirety, without altering it. Over the course of history, lots of changes have been made. We want to stay with the original version.