out of the Pentateuch - pdf edition

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...out of the Pentateuch

John Meadows
.pdf edition

This anthology, born out of personal study of the Scriptures over a long period of  time, attempts to face up to the gravity of what the Bible narrative actually says.
“…out of the Pentateuch” is so called because the topics under consideration recognise that without the writings of Moses it seems unlikely that the rest of the Scriptures would make much sense. Luke records that the resurrected Lord Jesus himself explained the recent events by “beginning at Moses and the prophets” to two of his confused and broken-hearted disciples who didn’t understand why he had been crucified.
For the followers of Christ, the Holy Scriptures demand significantly more than a passing read. Indeed, they warrant much detailed reading and prayerful reflection during a lifetime. After all, the Bible is the cherished message from the Almighty Creator to those who seek Him.

308 pages